H-D Getaway

January 1st 2010
Dave Tate

SkipperLiner owners are a loyal group. And after many wonderful years and the associated memories with their boat at Lake Powell, many owners are choosing to refurbish their trusty craft. If they want to upgrade to a new boat, they don’t have to worry about selling the old one first, and they can keep the same slip they’ve always had.

So SkipperLiner has been doing more and more houseboat refurbishment work at their Lake Powell Service Center at 550 Haul Road in Page, Arizona.

H-D Getaway, an 18- by 58-foot SkipperLiner, owned by Jeff and Tracy Allison of Salt Lake City, Utah, received a bow to stern refurbishment over the winter, and was re-launched early this April, just in time for the boating season to begin. The Allisons have been coming to the lake since 1984, and like so many people, back then their first overnight accommodations on the lake were tents on a beach. They have five children, ages eight to 21, all of whom are crazy for Lake Powell. Last year the family spent 123 days on Lake Powell.

After eight years of heavy use, their faithful SkipperLiner needed some TLC. Jeff and Tracy are longtime Harley Davidson riders and wanted to extend that part of their lifestyle to their boat. “We met with Jay Phelps and the rest of the team at SkipperLiner, gave them a list of ideas, and basically let them run with it. Jay is a Harley enthusiast too, so he and the team understood exactly what we wanted to do,” said Tracy.

Harley Davidson’s corporate colors are black and orange, so these are the accent colors throughout the boat. The main salon has black leather overstuffed sofas, black leather valances with Harley emblems, black and white checkerboard tiled galley floor and countertops, and black dining furniture.

Harleys have lots of chrome, so the doors and cabinets were painted glossy silver, and silver mini-blinds hang in the windows. The extended galley countertop even has a chrome muffler from Jay’s Harley supporting one corner. All of the light switch covers in the boat are chrome as well.

This is the kind of project to let your imagination run wild. H-D Getaway has lots of official Harley accessories, including a clock, bar stools, a cookie jar, a motorcycle seat on the helm stool, and even Harley emblems on the fan pulls.

Orange accents in the boat include bedspreads in several of the cuddys, and flame graphics on the side of the boat. Jay even dyed the dock lines and fender ropes orange in keeping with the theme.

“Jay’s hands were orange for a week,” said Tracy.

H-D Getaway has a 42-inch TV that rises up from a console located next to the helm, and a dropdown LCD TV mounted in the master stateroom ceiling.

“Thanksgiving at Lake Powell has become an end-of-season family tradition, so we had SkipperLiner install a full-size range to cook the turkey, as well as a full size refrigerator,” said Tracy.

And huge inverter system was required to handle the electrical needs for all the appliances.

At the back of the boat a custom spiral stairway, a custom water slide, a deluxe swim ladder, and a Safe-CO Westerbeke generator were installed.

“There was some debate over what to name the boat. The guys at SkipperLiner thought maybe we should call it Hog Heaven, and we still can’t remember if Tracy or I came up with H-D Getaway,” said Jeff. With all the attention this boat just received, it will definitely be enjoyed for at least another decade on Lake Powell.

If your SkipperLiner or another used one you have your eye on could use some TLC, call Jay Phelps at (928) 645-2444.